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What is mouth tape?

Mouth tape is a small strip of hypoallergenic tape used to prevent the harmful effects of mouth-breathing at night.

What is it made out of?

Our mouth tape is made from 100% triple-woven cotton with a hypoallergenic adhesive for maximum comfort. The strips are latex-free.

What are the benefits of mouth-taping?

Mouth taping at night has been shown to create a multitude of benefits both at night and during the day. At-night benefits include preventing snoring, preventing dry mouth, increasing REM, and improving sleep quality. During-the-day benefits include improved energy levels and reduction in fatigue, improved oral health, and improvement of facial definition.

Does this eliminate snoring?

Yes! Because mouth-taping prevents mouth-breathing and vibrations in the throat, in many cases snoring is eliminated or reduced significantly.

Does this eliminate dry mouth?

Yes! By preventing mouth-breathing, which dries out the mouth and promotes unhealthy bacterial environments, Soma eliminates dry mouth completely.

Can I use this with a CPAP?

Yes, mouth-taping has significantly reduced snoring and improved sleep quality in people with sleep apnea, however we always recommend consulting with a doctor before use.

Will this get rid of bad breath?

Yes, bad breath and halitosis is caused the bacteria that mouth-breathing promotes. Eliminating mouth-breathing will significantly reduce bad breath and halitosis.