Why Andrew Huberman LOVES Mouth Tape

Why Andrew Huberman LOVES Mouth Tape

It sounds a bit crazy...mouth-tape? Like putting tape over your mouth? Well there may be some huge benefits unknown to most that come with the weird trend. Mouth tape users have been reporting increased energy, optimized athletic performance, elimination of snoring, bad breath & more. Snake oil? Nope. Let's talk about the science behind it and why some of the most educated neuroscientists are backing mouth-tape.

What is mouth-taping?

Mouth taping involves placing a piece of tape over your mouth at night to prevent mouth-breathing and its harmful effects. The #mouthtaping movement has gained incredible popularity, with over 125 million views. Users rave about its various benefits, from improving bad breath to even changing the shape of their face. While some may be skeptical of these bold claims, there is evidence to suggest that mouth taping can greatly impact one's quality of sleep.

The science behind mouth-taping

According to experts, humans are meant to breathe through our noses. However, many people are unaware of this and often end up breathing through their mouths while sleeping. This can lead to problems such as snoring and sleep apnea, as pointed out by Whitman. But why is nose breathing so important in the first place? For starters, it allows for more oxygen intake. Whitman explains that by breathing through our noses, we can receive up to 20 percent more oxygen in our bodies. This is because the nose acts as a natural filter, warming, and humidifying the air we breathe.

Additionally, it also releases nitric oxide, crucial for cardiovascular and immune health. Therefore, nasal breathing is essential for overall well-being. Moreover, breathing through the nose can lead to a deeper sleep. This is because it keeps the body in a "rest and digest" parasympathetic state instead of the stressful fight-or-flight state. As Whitman points out, this allows for deeper non-REM sleep, specifically the N3 stage, which is essential for brain cleansing and hormone release. This deep sleep is crucial for overall mental clarity and focus.

The consensus is clear: mouth tape is the real deal. Andrew Huberman, host of the Huberman Lab podcast and renowned Stanford University neuroscientist, attests to its effectiveness. He emphasizes that the main advantages of taping one's mouth shut stem from the avoidance of mouth-breathing damage. According to Huberman, mouth breathing disrupts the proper delivery of oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body's cells and tissues, leading to imbalances that can impact mood and increase stress levels. Wellness entrepreneur Dave Asprey calls it: "One of the most effective biohacks there is." And joining in on the endorsement is airway-focused functional dentist Dr. Staci Whitman, who highlights the positive impact of mouth taping on one's breathing habits, especially in the context of achieving better sleep.

Try it out now

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